Does it make you feel connected to something outside yourself, something infinitely more vast than what our minds can comprehend? 

Does it keep you grounded and centered, secure in its presence in your life and the lives of others? 

Does it make you want to understand your role in the universe and your purpose as a human being more deeply?

Being at sea, by its very nature, is a spiritual experience—enormously calming and yet incredibly invigorating. Add that to our roster of powerful, inspiring speakers, and our 2018 Soul Awakening cruise offers an opportunity to connect with Spirit—the one that lives in and connects us all—in a truly unique, consciousness-expanding way. While each speaker relates and connects to Spirit differently, each perspective is rooted in the foundational belief that spirituality is what unites us all. Spirit lifts us up when life knocks us down, again and again.

Renowned Enneagram teacher and coach  Rosemary Hurwitz believes that “source is the love that is our birthright. It is a constant river of love and guidance. It is constantly flowing into us, even if it doesn’t ‘feel’ that way. If we are disconnected from Spirit, it is as if we ‘push the river.’ When we do this, we can obstruct the flow of love. It is in times of perceived stress like this that we get disconnected from that river of love.”

People experience spiritual connection in different ways as well. Highly gifted intuitive, coach, and animal communicator Danielle MacKinnon says, “Spiritual connection is really about awareness. When you cultivate an awareness of yourself and how you place yourself in the world, it becomes easier to understand the big picture, and spiritual awareness is one road to understanding how you fit in and what your experience really means. There are an unlimited number of ways to be spiritually connected and many of those ways form around very different beliefs. If you can feel it, you can know it: this is spiritual connection.”

For Sara Wiseman, founder of Intuition University, spiritual connection means that we have a direct line to the Universe. She explains it as “two-way communication that provides all the support we could ever need. No guru, no teacher, no middleman required! There is a particular language that the Universe speaks, and this is a spiritual language we can learn. Once you understand this language, you have a spiritual connection that will support you forever.”

For cofounder of Sedona World Wisdom Days Jerry Gilden, it’s simple. “You are grounded to the earth and connected to the heavens in perfect balance.”

World peace artist, philosopher, and peace activator Andrea Smith’s own spirit “loves to be out in nature, to paint, and adores music. It’s up to us to nurture our spirits and feed them with that which nourishes them."

These men and women, among others, will accentuate your sea-bound experience and give you the capability to understand and access your own spirit. Nourish your spirit and find inner peace on a voyage of a lifetime.